Zebra Norn (C2)

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C2 zebra norn v1 female
C2 zebra norn v1 male

The Zebra Norns were created by Mummy and share their genome with the Bavaria Norns, being able to breathe underwater and reaching puberty earlier than typical for norns.

These are the first version of Zebra Norn sprites made by Mummy. Later, she decided that she wasn't so happy with the look anymore, changing them to the new version 2.<div style="clear:both;"/>

C2 zebra norn v2 female
C2 zebra norn v2 male

Mummy left both installation files on the Zebra Norn web page, leaving it up to the user's to decide which version to download and play with.

The Zebra Norns (both versions) occupy Geat slot Z, and are available from the Zebra Norn web page at Mummy's Creatures, in various colours.

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