The Working Oven is made by Freya of the Creatures Jungle. It comes in two parts.

Part One

Part one consists of a fireplace that stops your norns from freezing. The cool (haha) bit is that it doesn´t increase hotness, only decreases coldness so you can let your norns stay in front of it as long as you like. There´s also a woodcarrier that upon pressing will renew the fire.

When your norn stands in front of the fire it will receive:

When the fire has burned down to coals, the amounts above will decrease.

Part Two

Part two (stay with me, there´s lots to come:) is an oven that dispends 5 types of food in a random order. The food types are (or skip this if you´d rather be surprised):

Vegetarian pie

(you didn´t think I´d feed them *meat*, did you? *yuck*)

Fruit pastry


Chocolate muffin

Grendel jelly

Part two also injects a "front" to the oven that makes it look more realistic.

The ovenroom cob will inject three new rooms in Albia, one above the oven so you´re able to place things there; and two "inside" of the oven. IMPORTANT NOTE: I still don´t know how to make a remover for rooms, so if you inject them you´re stuck with them. Injecting them is optional; they´re not needed for the other 2 cobs to work.

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