This page is about the German community events. For the generic term, see wolfling run.

Wolfling Run 2003/2004/2005 are aktions that involved many people in on the German side of the Creatures Community.

Wolfling Run 2003


Wolfling Run 2003 was actually a series of runs. Once a month, a new run would be hosted by a different member of the community.

Participating sites were:

Apparently Albia-World also took part.

Wolfling Run 2004


This set of wolfling runs was based on a points system, with several teams competing over a series of runs. The person controlling each run would set a particular objective. Each team could submit one creature (possibly according to certain rules, or using certain provided starter norns). The creature which did best would score 20 points, the second best, 18 points, and so on until the last, which would score 2 points.

The overall winners of the competition were Ines and Tafgana (The Dream Team). See Albia-World (now Aqualbia) for the full results and team logos.


Wolfling Run 2005


Wolfling Run 2005 for Creatures 3 was organized by Tina and Marcus K., and hosted (translation) at Creatures Paradise. The initial complex rules were deemed too complex (translation) and were rethought in July 2005.

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