Where's The COB? was a popular COB-finding site, most active pre-2001.

Summary of Content

Links to COBs! And lots of them!

Where's The COB? included information on where to find COBs for Creatures 1, Terra Nornia, Creatures 2, and even some agents for Creatures 3.

History of Website

For several years, Where's The COB? was one of the best ways to find those COBs when you remembered the name of but not who made it or where it was. It was also a great way to find new COBs. Unfortunately the website fell into disrepair along with many other community sites, and Jaywalker decided to close it when too many links ended up at porn.

Did you know? There are still plenty of links out there - try the COB page, or our own COB categories.

Interesting Facts

  • Where's The COB? had over 50000 hits to its front page during its lifetime

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