Weihnachtsaktion Secret Santa was a Christmas-time event organized by German members of the Creatures Community. Participants signed up to devise a gift for someone (they were told who it was for), and in turn recieved one from another (who they did not know - this was the secret part). Gifts might include a COB/agent, a particularly pretty norn, or a well-drawn or animated picture. In 2002 the event was separated into different groups for different games in the Creatures series, while in 2003 there was only one event.

Did you know? The German term for "Secret Santa" is Wichteln, but for some reason this was not used.

Christmas 2002

Zauberfee had the initial idea (translation) for Secret Santa, while Mummy and Alien helped organize the event. They were aided by their trusty helpers, Winterberry, Rudy (both pictured above) and Mistletoe.

Creatures 2


Hosted (translation) at ZauberAlbia.


Creatures 3


Hosted (translation) at Mummy's Creatures.


The above list is from an archive taken during the event, so may be incomplete.

Docking Station


Hosted (translation) at Alien's Creatures World,


Christmas 2003


This year had a single Secret Santa (translation), organized (translation) by Nornie2000 at Generation Norn.


Christmas 2004

This Secret Santa was was organized (translation) by Fluff of Fluff's Nornhelm.

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