General Information


Grendel Man's Waterbender Norns would rather live under the sea where it is cool, than to live on land. After they hatch, they start sneezing and coughing, but this is a reaction to being hot. After being in water for a few minutes, it stops. Coldness also reduces injury levels, but hotness will increase them (if they are injured). Other features of the genome:

  • They eat critters and bugs sometimes, but really prefer to be vegetarians.
  • They are mostly peaceful. However, when attacked, they will fight back.
  • They are slightly more fragile then normal norns when it comes to being hit by another creature.
  • They want to go down when out of water.
  • They also want to go down when in pain or hot.
  • They use the sprites of the Fimbul Norns (Grendel T).

The Waterbender Norns are a featured download at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.

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