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A genome developed by LilWashu for Creatures 2 in an attempt to combat problems such as OHSS present in the original Creatures 2 genome. Developed in Chris Double's Genome editor and with some assistance from Lis Morris, the genome features:

  • A fix for the glitch whereby Norns were incapable of recognising Sleeping as an action, only Resting.
  • More finely tuned turning responses, formerly Norns which walked into a wall would turn 360 degrees before attempting to walk forward again.
  • Increased general intelligence.
  • Better feeding habits.
  • Less of a tendency (Usually a result of a combination of the aforementioned problems) to build up a high degree of stress and take it out violently on other Creatures.
  • More of a likelihood of successfully breeding with other Norn breeds than more advanced Genomes such as Nova Subterra have, due to having less marked differences.
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