WOLF is a CAOS function which controls certain aspects of the engine.


Syntax: WOLF and_mask (int) xor_mask (int)

Returns the new WOLF value as an integer. The new WOLF value is calculated by applying the and_mask and the xor_mask to the current WOLF, in that order.

The WOLF value and the masks are bitmaps made up of the following bits:

  • 1. Render display. When turned off, display is only updated when bit 4 is set, and the game runs considerably faster.
  • 2. Fastest ticks. Don't limit rate to 20fps, but run as fast as possible.
  • 4. Refresh display. If set, display is updated at the end of the tick, and this bit is cleared.
  • 8. Autokill.

The default WOLF value is either 9 or 1, depending on whether autokill is enabled or not.


Obviously applying WOLF requires some careful thought. Some obvious examples (which didn't!) follow.

outv wolf 15 0
    [current WOLF value, e.g.:]

outv wolf 0 0
    0 (clears all bits)

outv wolf 0 15
    15 (sets all bits)

outv wolf 15 15
    [toggles all bits, e.g.:]

See also

  • SCOL uses a similar mask system.

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