The Virus Bomb COB created by Steve Dismukes of Fig's Tree injects a single explosive device into the hand. This device is intended to spread the appropriate disease to any and all nearby creatures. For something a little more specific, see Virus Injections, also by Steve Dismukes.

On activating, the device is armed (indicated by a flashing red light). Unless deactivated, it will detonate in approximately 10 seconds (100 ticks). A steady green light indicates that the device has been deactivated. On detonation, the appropriate disease will be spread to all creatures nearby (within earshot of the explosion), and the device will be destroyed.

Virus Red

This virus is symptomised by a high fever, and coughing. Moderately contagious.

Creatures infected by Virus Red receive:

Virus Green

This virus in symptomised by intense coughing and sneezing. Extremely contagious.

Creatures infected by Virus Green receive:

Virus Blue

This virus is symptomised by lethargy, and coughing. Moderately contagious.

Creatures infected by Virus Blue receive:

Virus White

This virus is symptomised by coughing and rapid glycogen deficiency. Moderately contagious, fast-acting.

Creatures infected by Virus White receive:

Virus Black

WARNING! Virus Black is extremely virulent, extremely contagious, and extremely dangerous! Symptomised by coughing, sneezing, lethargy, fever and rapid glycogen deficiency. You have been warned!

Creatures infected by Virus Black receive:

The Virus Bomb uses the following C1 class numbers:

  • 2 11 160 (Virus Red)
  • 2 11 161 (Virus Green)
  • 2 11 162 (Virus Blue)
  • 2 11 163 (Virus Black)
  • 2 11 164 (Virus White)

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