Vipero07 has been developing a Metaroom with an environment that interacts with itself, and is as close to "real" as possible. Using photos he has taken over his travels, he is manipulating the photos in photoshop and GIMP to achieve a less real look.

His Goal for this metaroom is for the creatures to have fun in it, and working on it alone, it is a slow process. Although he hopes for it to be done by CCSF 08 it may not happen. The room itself is complete, but the environment is still being developed including at least 3 to 4 new insects, some new flora, and a few agents for the new insects, flora, and creatures to interact with.

Unwilling to release any further information know that this is his first attempt at making anything for creatures ever, so it may take some time to get everything to follow what he has planned.

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