VOCB is a CAOS command for instantly teaching a creature all vocabulary.


Syntax: VOCB

This immediately teaches the currently selected target (TARG) all of the in-game vocabulary.

Using VOCB on a target that is not a creature has no known effect.


By enumerating (ENUM) all creatures, teach every creature a complete vocabulary:

enum 4 0 0

Note that 0 is a wildcard in the ENUM command. You can decrease the scope of the enumeration by replacing one or both wildcards with a valid genus and/or species number (see Classification System). For example, using enum 4 3 1 would only target male ettins.

Assuming your agent is Food and is already injected in the game, demonstrate how to make the Food teach a full vocabulary when it is eaten. The unique species number of your agent is 17805.

scrp 2 11 17805 12
   targ from
   kill ownr

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