Ub1111, the webmaster of Hardman Haven, has long been a member of the Creatures Community, from around the middle of 2002 to present.

His first website, Creatures DS and Stuff, offers the Creature Dolls, Gator Norns (ub1111), Mascot Norns (ub1111), Hyper Hardmans (ub1111, Norna and Grendel_Slayer), Rainbow Norns (ub1111), Orniment Ettins (Grendel_slayer), Orniment Grendels (Grendel_slayer), Misty Norns (Grendel_Slayer), Pond Weed Grendels (Grendel_slayer), Fragle Norns (Grendel_slayer) and Mortem grendels (Grendel_slayer).

His current website, Hardman Haven, offers a wide range of agents as well as the Hyper Hardmans, Mascot Norns and Rainbow Norns.

His favorite breed? Hardmans, of course.

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