The Turquoise & Pink Ettins v.2 aka Turquoise & Pink Ettins striped are a third-party Ettin breed created by Norngirl. They are an updated version of her Turquoise & Pink Ettins. The Turquoise & Pink Ettins striped have improved sprites, use a modified canny genome and occupy Ettin Slot Q. The can be downloadet from Norngirls new Creatures Site Norngirl's temporary Storage place.

This breed was also later converted to C3/DS by Silvak, with permission from Norngirl. They occupy Ettin Slot T. They can be downloaded Norngirl's temporary Storage place.

In the fanfic "Shee Tales" by sam999 one of these Ettins, by the name of Jane, is one of the main creatures involved.

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