Triffid Plant

The Triffid Plant is a variety of Flora native to Albia. It inhabits the western island, the Ettin Garden and various other places. It is a very hardy plant, and can grow in a variety of areas, including the desert, and is one of the only plant species, apart from the cacti, that can naturally grow there.

The Triffid Planet reproduces by Sexual Reproduction which is quite unusual. The seeds are dispersed in a protective bubble that prevents damage to the seed, however, many of the seeds may end up eaten by Norns or other Creatures.

The fruit the plant produces is known as Triffid Fruit and is highly nutritious. In it's decaying form it provides food for Ants and for the soil, but is poisonous to Norns.

The Triffid Plant is said to get its name from The Triffids, a variety of alien plants that featured in the film "Day of the Triffids".

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