Chronicles of Nornia cover

Cover of "The Chronicles of Nornia"

The Chronicles of Nornia is a small guide booklet that came with the original boxed version of Creatures. It outlines the "care and feeding" of Norns, and tells about the kits, objects in the world, breeding, and the Grendels. Its title is a reference to a series of fantasy books by C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia.


  • Introduction
  • 1.0 What Creatures is All About
    • 1.1 Getting Started
    • 1.2 Creatures Controls
    • 1.3 The Hand
  • 2.0 Raising Your First Norn
    • 2.1 Hatching Your First Norn
    • 2.2 The Computer
    • 2.3 Registering a Norn's Birth
    • 2.4 Objects Within Albia
    • 2.5 Communicating With Your Norn
    • 2.6 Disciplining Your Norn
    • 2.7 As Your Norn Grows
  • 3.0 The Food Sources of Albia
  • 4.0 Breeding Your Norns
    • 4.1 Advanced Breeding
    • 4.2 Breeding for Generations
  • 5.0 Sending a Norn to a Friend
  • 6.0 The Grendels
  • 7.0 Favorite Places
  • 8.0 Looking After Sick Norns
    • 8.1 Table of Plant Effects
    • 8.2 Table of Weed Effects
  • 9.0 The Chemicals of the Science Kit
  • 10.0 The Applets
  • 11.0 Creatures Upgrades Via the Internet
  • 12.0 The Emergency Kit
  • 12.1 Accessing the Emergency Kit

External links

The Chronicles of Nornia (PDF) hosted at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove

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