Tantris berry
Tantris Berries
(Amouris xOtixa) are a species of berry found in Creatures 2. They are relatively rare, and only grow in the area near the pond below Yggsdrasil. Tantris Berries are the only natural aphrodisiac found in Albia, and contain a large amount of alchohol.

Tantris berries may also be adding from the Breeder's Kit , but only once every minute, as is the case with the Love Potion #9.

When a Norn eats a Tantris berry they recieve the following:

Starch + 50

Hunger - 50

Sex Drive + 30

Vitamin E + 100

Alcohol + 100

Starch 50, Hunger Decrease 50, Sex Drive 30, Vitamin E 100, Alcohol 100

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