The Susano Ettins are an ettin genetic breed created by Grendel Man. These ettins were inspired by the Japanese Storm God Susano-Wo, who slew the Orochi. Like the slayer of the first orochi, these ettins are mostly Guppy Ettin, although they are tailess. They are a deep, dark, grey, like a thunderstorm.

For the first two stages of their lives, Susano Ettins are peaceful. They play with toys, socialize with other ettins and norns, etc. But when adolecesence comes, grendels make these ettins mad. They will start hunting grendels down at this stage, although your norns and other ettins are completly safe, and in fact, make the susanos less angry. At youth, the ettins will also kill grendels out of boredom. If hit, they will hit back. When afraid (Which is rarely), they will run to your norns and hang around them.

The Susano Ettins are available at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.

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