The Snotrock is a commonly-seen feature of the Norn Meso. It looks like a pile of walking dirt with green spider legs. It crawls peacefully around the Meso, eating Tuba plants. They also unwittingly provide a toy for passing Creatures, who may hit them, pick them up, and toss them around.

Did You Know?

Tired of those pesky Snotrocks multiplying like mad and eating all of your Tuba plants? There's a simple solution! Simply place all the Snotrocks in your inventory and they will remain there indefinitely, with no new ones "appearing" on your ship when the ecology resets. If you do this at the start of a new world, there will only be 2 or 3 Snotrocks to hunt down. If you feel you want them to come back for some reason, take them out of your inventory and (if they've been in there a while) they will rot and soon new ones will appear like magic! See also Tuba Seeder.

Food web

Predators: Prey:
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