A long time member of the Creatures community, Snapdragon has created agents and breeds for C2, C3/Docking Station and runs The Wyvern's Lodge. As of the relocation to the Tangentrine website in 2009, it would appear, although it is not explicitly stated anywhere on the site, that Snapdragon is the alter-ego of author and ex-scientist Doctor Manda Benson.

C3/DS norn breeds

C3/DS ettin breeds

C3/DS grendel breeds

C3 agents/DS agents

C2 norn breeds

Also provides the C2 Hatchery Expansion (lets you hatch C1 appearance norn breeds with Canny genetics in the C2 hatchery and replaces the standard eggs with versions based on Lis Morris's and Chris Double's Canny genome)

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