The Shee are a breed created for Creatures 3/Docking Station by Marcus K.. They are intended to be representatives of the Shee species. The different races of Shee are explained in their breed story, Die Rückkehr der Shee, although some of their specific characteristics are described below. Each variety is a different genetic breed.

The Shee occupy Grendel slot S (although they are considered to be geats) and can be downloaded at Mummy's Creatures, or from here. They come with all-new egg sprites for the Shee eggs. Please note that they work best with Docking Station, although it may be possible to use them with Creatures 3. Read the Readme and Installation files carefully!


Red Shee

The Red Shee are fast-agers - they love beetles and other arthropods, although they're good eaters in general.

Grey Shee

The Grey Shee is nourished by Chemical 14, which controls their ageing. They require regular doses of this chemical; without it they will lose a part of their Life chemical.

Golden Shee

The Golden Shee is something of a challenge for breeders - it feeds only on critters! On the other hand, they do have the ability to live longer; consider them to be your gold medal, for as long as they live!

Blue Shee

The Blue Shee are marine creatures - in fact, air forces them into hibernation if they're exposed to it. They also love to eat fresh fish.

Green Shee

The Green Shee... well, just be careful with this one. Warn your grendels, too!


The Shee can be downloaded at Mummy's Creatures.

Bug Fix

This breed may cause errors in Docking Station if installed when there are no ettin sound files available (a common issue if Creatures 3 is not also installed on the computer). To avoid these issues, it is recommended that the user download and install these sound files; the Pink Poodle Ettins have a free sound pack that can be used for this fix.

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