The Shark Grendels of Grendel Man are a set of three completly aquatic grendels. Each genome has its own features, but all have gills and will drown pretty fast on land, swim with Grendel Man's Swimming Agent, are carnivores who will get more nutrition out of critters then any other food type, and if they get hungry enough, they will become very agressive towards other grendels-the "feeding frenzy."

They use the sprites of standard C3 Grendels and Banshee Grendels.

The three kinds are:

  • Great White Sharks are the most violent of the three. Their diet includes critters, but they are also vampiric, and will attack norns for protein. They are cold-water loving loners who dislike crowds. The longest-lived of the three varieties, they do not breed quickly, have longer pregnancies, and require less food than normal grendels.
  • Tiger Sharks are eating machines. Their "natural" diet is the typical critter/bug one, but should they start snacking on other food types, they will continue to do so, for not only does it give them nutrition, it's quite entertaining for them as well. As can be expected, they need more food than normal grendels. They do like to hand around other grendels, but are not socialists. Contrary to the great whites, they like warm waters.
  • Blue Sharks are known for their social natures-they love being amongst others. If left alone long enough, they will literally die from loneliness. In addition, they are rapid breeders. They are the shortest-lived of the three shark grendels.

The Shark Grendels are currently avalible at Creatures @ CU7 but they were once availible from the Gameware Forums before the forum crash.

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