This is a statue of Sappho (see wikipedia) which can be placed anywhere in Albia. It was written in response to a request from MagiNorn on 3/5/98 for "Greek cobs". I'd just downloaded a picture of this statue, so I rose to the challenge. However, this may be a case of needing to be careful of one's requests, because one may not like the results.

And as always, beware of Greeks bearing gifts...

This statue, when pushed by a Norn, has quite different effects depending on the sex of the Norn. It is most amusing and quite revolutionary.

I loved every minute of it.

The CAOS code follows...

scrp 2 12 168 1
doif spcs eq 1
stim writ from 32 0 32 2 10 128 1 128 50 64 45 64
snde ow!1
stim writ from 32 0 32 2 13 192 29 192 34 192 49 64
snde gig2

new: simp safo 1 0 7750 0
setv clas 34383872
setv attr 66
bhvr 0 1
mesg writ targ 8

The Sappho COB was made by Mokus.

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