A male Santa '96

The Santa Norn was the first add-on breed to be released from Cyberlife. There are actually two versions of Santa norn: the first was released in 1996 and fills breed slot 3. The second Santa norn, a more colorful rendition that was released in 1997, takes up breed slot 7, as does the Snow Norn.

Both versions were lacking in that they only contained adult male sprites. Breeding Santa with other females would result in female offspring with Horse Norn body parts, or male
Santa '97

A male santa '97

offspring with enlarged male Santa norn parts. This was corrected when Greg Poehlein created the missing sprites for breed slot 3 Santa, including females (they can be found at Norn Holiday).

Breed slot 3 Santa norns closely resemble red Horse Norns: males have the same mohawk, females have similar shoulder-length hair, and both lack fur markings and have tapered tails. However, both genders have puffs of white fur around their wrists and bellies. Males have white beards (that grow as they mature) and wear Santa hats, while females have snowy white hair.

For the '97 Santa, norngirl has created a mate, which can be downloaded at her site.

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