The Room Changer by Moe is an agent for C3-docked and DS standalone that displays information about room variables and lets you change them.

What the buttons/displays do (labelled in the image):

  • A

-- Displays room types. -- Cycle through with the arrows labled "I".

  • B

-- Toggles display of "room" boundries.

  • C

-- Information displays are talking about the room this button is in. -- You can detach the button by clicking on it so you can move it around.

  • D

-- Displays the current room type.

  • E

-- Press this button to apply any changes you've made to the room.

  • F

-- Lets you cycle through G.

  • G

-- Which "smell" H reflects and what you're changing with J. -- You can only change one smell at a time.

  • H

-- Displays the current level of G in the room.

  • I

-- Lets you cycle through A.

  • J

-- The amount of G "smell" you're going to add to the room. -- Change this number using the K arrows.

  • K

-- Changes J value (the amount of G you're going to add).

  • L

-- Sets H value (Current amount of G in room) to 0.


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