The Rainbow Doozi Collection is a COB and a set of Doozer-like creatures made by Rick Krebs and J. Vara and available at the Adventures in Nornsitting site. They do different things depending on the color.

From the ReadMe

Each variety squawks a different group of words from the vocabulary of Albia.

Purple Doozies love to eat both varieties of cactus seeds showing their joy by also squawking a word.

Orange Doozies enjoy eating Death Caps, but do not eat the stems (use the weed-b-gone cob to totally remove weeds).

White Doozies are the most social of the varieties and squawk a word when they meet another Doozi or Doozer.

Blue Doozies love eating tomatoes and acorns (nuts) but do nothing to the plants.

Red Doozies enjoy playing with the red & white ball and green tennis balls found lying around Albia.

Yellow Doozies like to eat potatos and gnats.

Green Doozies like to eat ants.

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