REVELATION is a program developed by uecasm to decompress and parse (i.e. decompile) PRAY files. This makes it useful for such purposes as retrieving the component parts (including CAOS source and embedded images) of .agent/.agents files.

The tool is available from Mirality Systems. It runs on both Windows and Linux/x86 (unmaintained at present), but is closed-source.

To run Revelation:

  1. Place revelation.exe in the same folder as the .agent file
  2. Open a DOS Command Prompt from the Start Menu or a Command Prompt shortcut
  3. Move to the folder where the files are located using the cd change directory command
    For example: cd C:\Program Files\Docking Station\New Folder\
  4. Run Revelation using the command: revelation filename.agent
  5. All the files will then extract into the folder along with the .ps PRAY source file

Did you know? REVELATION stands for Reads Each Virtual Electronic Life Agent, Translating Into Original Notation

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