Bengal quirky cookies

The Quirky Cookie Machine comes with the Treehugger Norn pack, and will dispense Quirky Cookies when appropriate ingredients are put into it. There are many recipes to be found; almost any animal or fruit from C3 or DS will produce a cookie alone (additional like ingredients will create a more powerful cookie), and some combinations will elicit a different type of cookie. Third-party recipes are also available.

Issues with Quirky Cookie Machine

Unfortunately, it seems that it is quite common for the Quirky Cookie Machine to be autokilled.

Re-installing the Treehuggers may help to fix this problem if you are not running Creatures Exodus.

To install the Quirky Cookie Machine correctly while running Creatures Exodus (either the Macintosh or Windows versions), it's imperative that the .catalogue files be correctly placed; without them, the Quirky Cookie Machine will not work.

For the Windows Creatures Exodus, copy all catalogue files from your 'My Documents' Catalogue folder into your 'Program Files' folder and vice versa.

For the Macintosh Creatures Exodus, read these instructions for full details.


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