Pink Shrimp Grendel

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The Pink Shrimp Grendels were a genetic breed created by C-Rex during 2008. Amphibious, they had Classic Grendel heads, Aquanorn bodies along with legs, and Maraquan Grendel tails. They also had a bright pink tint, hence their name.

Pink Shrimp Grendels were fastagers, and very good breeders, often overpopulating Norngarden 4 in a matter of time. They were also capable of swimming if the Swimming Agent was installed.

Unfortunately, the computer that the Pink Shrimp Grendels were stored on suffered from a crash, but it is believed by C-Rex that they are still on the second hard-drive within the computer (the Tutti-Frutti Norns were also rescued from this drive). C-Rex may decide to retrieve them in the near future and release them to the community.

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