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A ripe Pear Plant and its bouncy seed in Terra

Pear Plants were first introduced in Creatures 2. They produce both fruit and less commonly, seeds. The fruit of the Pear Plant can be eaten in several bites. Each Pear Plant ripens only one Pear Fruit at a time. The seeds of the Pear Plant are extremely bouncy and fast. When they stop bouncing, Pear seeds will rot almost immediately and grow a new Pear Plant, if the soil conditions are favorable.

Pear Seed:

  • Starch 60
  • Fat 40
  • Hunger Decrease 30

Pear Fruit:

  • Starch 100
  • Hunger Decrease 150
  • Fat 80

Pear Plants were converted for Docking Station as part of the ecology of the Terra metaroom.

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