This vendor will vend the Panatreea Potion that comes with the Treehugger Norn pack.

To use this agent you must have the Panatreea Potion agent installed and injected into your world. So inject it into your world, if you haven't already, then inject the vendor.

Click the little silver button to activate the vendor! Quick and easy Panatreea Potion, no more running to the agent injector! This will work in C3 or DS!.

Created by MNB, it can be downloaded from Creatures Mainframe or Emmental's Docking Station Agents.

Common Issues

Sometimes the Potion Vendor does not install. To install the Paratreea Potion Vendor 3.0 you need to place panavend.agents in your My Agents folder (for Creatures 3 and Docking Station), often located in: C:\Program Files\Gameware Development\Creatures Exodus\[Game name]\My Agents\

NB. After the game has been run next, if it produces any catalogue-related errors you might need to check that all the catalogue files are in the C:\Program Files\Gameware Development\Creatures Exodus\[Game name]\Catalogue\ directory as well as in the My Documents one, and that you have run the Creatures Remastered Patch.


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