Norngirl is a very active community member who created several breeds with own sprites and genetic breeds, Agents for C3/DS and also a lot of little other things for Creatures. Her websites are Norngirl's Paradizia Place (old - Does NOT exist anymore) and Norngirl's temporary Storage place (newer one).
She is very often busy with creating new breeds and being on the creative side, she enjoy to make sprites for breeds and agents, as well making sounds/music bits that also is used for her agents.
Her current goal is to finish of her current breeds for C2, C3 and DS, as well revamp her older breeds with better sprites and perhaps new genomes.
She allways try to be kind and helpfull to other people as well and try her best to help out when she can.

Norngirl enjoy to draw a lot, posting some of her art to DA (DeviantArt), wich range to creatures related, as well other videogames, animes or her own made stuff.
She also accept Art Trades for free with anyone, as long as they follow her agreements
In her one and only journal, there some "rules", wich has the list of what she do and do not accept when it comes to Art Trade with her.

Norngirl is the one who also made 3 referal images of what past norns look like,as a friendly reminder of what they look like ,comparing to the creature's 4 new design of norn was shown ans discussed. She made one edited version of the C4 norn to make it more Norn-ish,wich Don tried play around on her pic as well. The other was just a observing pic of the C4 Norns resembling the movie's Gremlins 's Mogwai (furry little tailess creatures with big ears that become reptile like if fed after midnight), being tailess,flat faced and eyes being small and quite alike to the C4 norns.

The last image is a picture of all ingame starter breeds of Norns of each game - inluding Creatures village. The two last images seem to become quite popular,yet it seem people don't know who made it,usuly because they find the images on google and that she skipped put her signature on them.

The images can be seen here:

  • Edited C4 norn edited
  • Tailess Mogwai like norns [[1]
  • All original norns from the games as a reminder of what they look like [[2]

On another note - she made first fanart of a C4 norn,with some familiar added details,such as horn and fluffy tail: [3]

Norngirl is very obsessed with the C1's Purple Mountain Norn and thats why she is known as Norngirl (the PMN), seen allways with various drawn female PMN avatar, wich she makes herself.
She is a old creature player,been playing the original creatures [C1]] game when she was around 8-10 years old and onwards been growing up with playing the other creature titles,but it wasn't until she was around 13 years old she discovered the way to make breeds.

Creatures was a game that captured her for the first time ever since she saw a magazine reveiw of it her mom showed her, that explained and showed cute pictures of the game. later on,she was lucky to obtain her own copy of the game that was on sale for herself and her sister Grendelgirl ). They shared the creature game they played on her Win95 computer back then and had one Norn each they hatched, her's being a banana-whitehaired pixie mix named Zip (born from a purple doted white egg) ,and his mate,Tanja - a fullblooded whitehaired pixie (born from redyellow striped egg) wich belonged to her sister Grendelgirl.
Zip and Tanja did have a son,named Banbi (Not Bambi),wich was born from the same egg color as his mother, and looked like a perfect sweet copy of his father,Zip.

Fun Fact:

  • She is the only one having own names on the C1 Norn breeds,because as far she remember,back in the old days when C1 was the only game, there where no official breed names of the 3 main Norn breeds and people been calling the breeds all kind of names like Bald/Brown Mouse or simply Banana Norn for the type0 Breed,Fuzzy/Fox/Whitehaired Pixie for the type1 and Devil/mane/blond or the more popular name horse for the type2 breed.

Alltought it seem people nowdays stick to name the [C1]] 3 main breeds as Banana,Pixie and Horse Norns, Norngirl still don't call them that and rather use the names she used to call them for the very first time she ever laid her eyes on the different ingame breeds.
She called the main ones Longeared Banana Norn, FluffyHeaded (or just fluffy) Pixie Norn and Chocolate Norns Horse Norn ,and still does to this very day,as it is a thing that seem to stay with her..

  • Allways known as norngirl on the creatures forums and her DA account (sometime spelled propely with big N) except at youtube, she is known as NornyChan,however there been a few blogs and pages with Norngirl used as name,wich is not the one and same norngirl here,

as she is only found on DeviantArt,Creatures Caves,Albia2000,Creaturetopia and on the Creature4 forum,her youtube account being the only with a different name.

  • She had a black cat named Aaron,wich she got as a kitten when she was 10 years old ,named after the starter male PMN norn,Aaron.Sadly,he passed away may 7 2012 and became 16 years old and she drawed a image for him to his honour and memorial,wich can be found here: [4]
  • She drawed one picture of her first C1 (and in general first ever) Norn,Zip,seen here:[5]
  • She allways draw or make her own avatar images for each forum she is joining - for creatures,she allways draw female PMN,presenting herself, she even have a animated one she made for her DA avatar,but it is a bit cut,as the original has a bit more animated frames,also she made a C2 hebbe version,along with a C1 grendel and C2 emerald norn as gift for her sister,and was working on do more,etting being one of them.
  • She was (probably) the first one to make her own costume made DS GUI,seen here: [6].
  • She also made her own costume made DS hands,a PMN female hand for herself [7] and a grendel hand for her sister [8],

Both hands where hand drawn by her and the video clips of the hands have remixed Creatures village songs that she made,the winter song from creatures playground she remixed thats heard in the grendelhand clip is the one she is most proud of.She will at some point do more creature hands and release for other to enjoy as well,but this two hands will remain private for her and her sister use only.

  • All sprites she make does she hand draw without tablet - using only mouse,ms paint and adobe photoshop - only certain parts of a creature breed may been modified,but some parts is also hand drawn from scratch by her,such as ManedSpottedAardvark's tail,feet,Pig Grendels tail or the Albian Bat Norn's wings,tail and feet...
  • She enjoy playing around wth making sounds and music,wich own made/modified sound can be found in some of her own original idea agents,as for music,she had a few try on remix some creature songs,best known is the graveyard and winter songs from creature village games - she hope to someday do some ambient peice that could fit as music for her metaroom idea concept,that never been shown,except to a few people), but as metaroom are way lot of work then a breed or single agent,this may still stay as a dream.

Summary of Content

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Sweden

Creatures Development

Norngirl created the following breeds for Creatures 1:

Creator of the following breeds for Creatures 2:

Agents (in cooperation with various people,duo to her lack of coding skills):

Cooperation with Ghosthande:

  • Fantazy Caterpillars, Fantazy Grass, Fantazy Tree C3/DS
  • Ordin Caterpillars, Ordin Grass, Ordin Tree C3/DS
  • Ordin/Fantazy Caterpillar Vendor
  • Fantazy Grass and Tree Seed Packs
  • Ordin Grass and Tree Seed Packs
  • Rainbow Lamp

Cooperation with Papriko:

  • The Floating Lightup Umbrella Toy
  • The Addicitve Suicide Juice vendor (only offered sprites. Concept and idea is fully Papriko's )
  • CA Balloon Maker
    Cooperation with Ylukyun.
  • Jigglybox - The Jigglypuff Music Box

Various Patches:

  • C1toDS patch (fixing and adding various missing sprites is in progress)
  • The CA Floating Ear & Hair fix for Grendels (DS)
  • C2 grendel to DS/C3 fix
  • CA Genetic Update for the DS CA Norns

Breeds she made for Creatures 3 and Docking Station:

Breeds for Creatures Village:

Breeds in progress:

  • Lamunga (C2) - Mermaid like norns (unlike Wafuru's mernorns, this dwells in water troughout theyre entire lifes)
  • Angelic/Angel Norns (C2) Angel looking norns
  • Pmn Gryph (C2) - Purple Mountain Gryph's, that is related to the C1 pmn
  • Dragon Grendel (C2-C3/DS) Dragon grendels, wich apperance changes when aging...progress is pendling, as well for wich creature game they will be made for.
  • Revamp Old Breed Project - Updates the very first breeds she made,now with the big task to improve theyre sprites with her somewhat better drawing skills (there is currently 3 breeds in the revamp process allready)


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