NornenMeister´s Website is one of the biggest and most active Creatures Websites ever, especially for Creatures 2.

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Summary of Content


male Star Trek Norn made by Spirit

Breeds for Creatures 1:

Worlds for Creatures 1:

Hokuspokus norn female

female Hokuspokus Norn

Breeds for Creatures 2:


male Gecko Ettin v.2.0


male White Dynamite Grendel


Albia at Night


The Albian Sea Bay

Worlds for Creatures 2:

Cave ds-f

female Cave Norn DS - created by Norngirl

Breeds for Creatures 3 / Docking Station:

Breeds for Creatures Village:

  • Extensive breed lists for C2 with a short overview of all breeds. Also included: breed lists sort according to alphabet, slot, age groups, genomes, authors and websites.
  • The Sprite-Lister for Creatures 2.
  • The Egg-Finder for Creatures 2.

Creatures Wallpaper - World in my Hand

  • Every few weeks a Special Guest visits NornenMeister web page (not more available).
  • A ChemicalMix with 14 different Injections.
  • The Creatures 2 Language File in seven different Languages.
  • The Original Sound Files and Sprite Files from the Creatures 2 Game.
  • A couple of changed C2 Sound Files for your game.
  • A tutorial of the differences of all Creatures Game versions (in German).
  • A tutorial how to create a C2 world with new graphics (in German).
  • An extensive Help section, with links to the best Tutorials for C2.
  • Every few months a new Voting about Creatures Themes is started (not more available).
  • All Creatures 2 Covers.
  • A name-generator for your Norns, with 2.000 names for females and males.
  • Creatures Offline Games.
  • Creatures Online Games.
  • Creatures Desktopthemes.
  • Creatures Icons and Pointers.

Intro from Creatures Colors

  • A Creatures Screensaver.
  • Creatures Wallpapers (not more available).
  • Creatures ringtones for mobile phones.
  • Creatures Tinkering Corner, with Creatures patterns for tinkering, letters, painting, postcards, menues, games, timetables and for calling cards.
  • Creatures Jokes (in German).
  • Creatures E-Cards (not more available).
  • A Creatures Advent calendar.
  • Besides all this, you'll find large link lists including links to German and International Creatures pages, forums, blog sites, groups, Creatures social media sites, CCSF sites, search engines and so on..

History of Website

There were four designs of the website, however there are no Backups made from them, so that only the current layout remained, which started on February 19th, 2007.


03. October 2007 by NornenMeister

Web Address History

  • (17.05.2005 - 31.10.2008 and from 21.01.2009 - 17.03.2009 and from 23.09.2012 to 01.05.2017, down)
  • (18.07.2004 - 16.05.2005, down)
  • (07.07.2004 - 17.07.2004, down)
  • (06.06.2004 - 06.07.2004, down)

Interesting Facts

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