Editnorn This article is about a project that is in development.
Information may change significantly as the project progresses.

Norn Builder is a new cross-platform Creatures developer tool written by Don. It is currently compatible with Creatures 1, Creatures 2, Creatures 3/Docking Station and Creatures Village, and runs under Windows, with Linux and Mac OS X releases to follow.

The Norn Builder's main functions include the loading, editing and saving of body data attachment files, and for use as a creature-poser for making website clip art.

Tasks Remaining

  • Adding short text labels to the display and attachment boxes.
  • Inclusion of a small toolbar at the top for keyboard commands.
  • Current attachment coordinates to be shown in the image area.

Video Demonstration


You can also download the preview video here

Image Preview

Norn Builder preview

External links

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