New Tiburon is a section of the AWteen world in the Active Worlds online community. It was founded in early November 2000, being preceeded by Albiaville and Tiburon.

New Tiburon resides at 784N 465E on AWteen - if this link does not work, start up the AW client and Teleport/To... world: AWteen, coordinates: 784N 465E.

Places to visit

Most places appear to have been made by NornJ (Shadow39) or Alka (TipsyTaffyCat). However, it is possible that this was a method of protecting other users' work from deletion (visitors work is not protected).

You must have the Active Worlds client installed for these links to work.

The Creatures RPG (Alka?)

A somewhat unfinished (or perhaps demolished) set of tunnels, caevs, swimming pools and buildings. Quite impressive in scale.

SteerPike's Memorial


SteerPike's memorial garden

A memorial to one of the greatest COBblers of them all, SteerPike.

Council Chamber

A seat for every person, and a sign for every seat. Who knows what mysteries were discussed in this circular chamber?

GreenReaper: If you know, put it in here! :-)

Zeus' Throne

Mired in cloud and thunder, Zeus has a commanding view of all the creatures of New Tiburon.

New Tiburon Photo Studio

Where better to get your picture taken than a photo studio? And there's one right here, staffed by NornJ and Chrono! Their private offices face right onto the Creatures RPG


Known members of the New Tiburon community include:

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