Muppetboy's Geatville is a Creatures 1 focused development site.

It seems to be partially archived: COB archive breeds archive dev. info archive

  • Webmaster: Muppetboy
  • Ran from/to dates: unknown

Summary of Content

  • Genetics: Gene Types, Header, Brain, Looks, Movement, Chemical, Complete Genew List.
  • Breeds: C1 Genetics and Sprites Breeds, Mutants, Grendel, Ettin, Shee, Comparing Norns
  • Norns: Ying Yang, Munchkin, Transgend, Orkan, Ghostly, Nottins, New Breeds, Mutants, GM Norns, Immortal, Undead, Coloured, Santa
  • COBs:
    • My Cobs: Rooms, Food & Plants, Breeding, Misc. Many fun, unique and useful new COBs including the Carrot Variety Pack (which later included the Parsnip Patch), the Everlasting Honey cob and the Juicy Apples
    • Useful COBs: Patches & Tools, Edible Stuff, Toys & Music, Animals & Plants,
    • C1 Worlds
    • Programs, Patches and Updates,
    • Other Stuff of Mine
    • Classes I Have Used
    • Cob ideas
  • Info: History, Consumables, ATT & SPR, Tit Bits, Weird Albia, The Shee, Medical Book, Linguistics, Cheats, Female Cycles, Behaviour, Glyco & Gluc, Hybrids, Grendels, Breeding, Cob Classes, Room Data, Hexadecimal, Sleep, Chemical List, Population
  • CAOS: General Hints, Example Scripts, Execution, Creation, System Creature, Value Manipulation, Object Values, Object Commands, Room & Environm, Pointer Values, Vehicles, Blackboard, Sounds, dde: commands, random, Eggs, Script Events
  • Mine: My Norns
  • Links: Including information on the Creatures games the sites cover and what is available on each one.

History of Website

Originally started as a few pages hosted on joint site Shepwright, later gained it's own domain name.

Later versions of the site specialised in C1, and added own breeds and cobs.

Was relaunched in mid-October 2009 in time to celebrate CCSF 2009

Interesting Facts

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