The Medicine Maker is a "dispenser" agent included in Creatures 3, located in the bridge area. It requires bioenergy to function and vends several different potions. JayD has released a modified version of this agent, as has Vampess.


  • Cough Syrup (Red)
1 mole of antihistamine
  • Vitamin Potion (Orange)
0.05 moles of glucose, 0.15 moles of prostaglandin, 0.35 moles of Vitamins C and E.
  • Heavy Metal Cure
1 mole of EDTA
  • ATP Decoupler Cure (Yellow)
1 mole of Medicine One
  • Antioxidant Syrup (Blue)
1 mole of Antioxidant
  • Cyanide Cure (Warm Purple)
1 mole of Sodium Thiosulphite
  • Elixir of Arnica
1 mole of arnica
  • Sleepy Syrup
1 mole of Sleepiness, 0.5 moles of Tiredness, 1 mole of Sleepase
  • Potion of Fertility
0.4 moles each of Arousal Potential and Opposite Sex Pheromone
  • General Cure (Cool Purple)
0.15 moles of Antihistamine, Medicine One, Antioxidant, Prostaglandin, EDTA, Sodium Thiosulphite and Arnica. 0.45 moles of Adrenalin.
  • Shee Wine
0.15 moles of Alcohol
  • Albian Ale (Green)
0.45 moles of Alcohol

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