The following guide is written by Skelly, it fixes the problem with agents injecting their catalogue files into the wrong directory.
1. Open the terminal in
2. Copy and past the following code into the terminal:
For docking station:
rm -d -r ~/Library/Preferences/Creature\ Labs/Docking\ Station/data/Catalogue && ln -s /Applications/ ~/Library/Preferences/Creature\ Labs/Docking\ Station/data/Catalogue
For Creatures 3:
rm -d -r ~/Library/Preferences/Creature\ Labs/Creatures\ 3/data/Catalogue && ln -s /Applications/ ~/Library/Preferences/Creature\ Labs/Creatures\ 3/data/Catalogue
3. Press Enter (This will remove the existing folder, then replace it with the symbolic link)


  • Enter the codes exactly as they are, or you could screw something up
  • Do not delete the new Catalogue folder, it will delete the original one in your Docking Station App, instead, use this in the terminal:

For docking station:
unlink ~/Library/Preferences/Creature\ Labs/Docking\ Station/data/Catalogue
For Creatures 3:
Unlink ~/Library/Preferences/Creature\ Labs/Creatures\ 3/data/Catalogue

  • If you have multiple users on your Macintosh that use creatures, then you will need to do the same thing for their account.
  • I doubt this works if your volume is UFS formated, you should be using HFS+ anyway.

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