Lungfish Ettin

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Lungfish Ettin

An adult Lungfish Ettin.

From the depths of the sea, the Lungfish Ettins have arrived! They have mutated to live under water, away from chaotic land creature culture and its' diseases, but can live above water if need be for 5 minutes before hibernating to escape diseases and evil creatures. They also breed quickly to make up for some of their foolhardy offspring wanting to go up to surfaceworld culture.

The Lungfish Ettins are a blue tinted amphibious breed created by Empyreal which function normally under water, and after 5 minutes on land go into a state of hibernation, but when put under water wake up. They breed very quickly to make up for the fact that when left alone, they may go onto land and hibernate until death by old age. Norngarden 4 is recomended. The temporary download location of the Lungfish Ettins is here.

The Grendel version of this breed are the Lungfish Grendels.

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