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Who Is LoverIan?

An intrepid young man from Arizona, a warm and strange place in the United States. He likes to fancy himself an eccentric, and a writer. He admits he can get on people's nerves, or at least, in person he's been told that. It's more of a natural thing, like how Uranium has deadly radiation, it isn't like Uranium means to give you blood poisoning, it just happens. Or maybe Uranium is secretly a jerk and does those things on purpose. We can't read Uranium's thoughts, but mental scans of LoverIan show us he really doesn't mean to annoy you, if he ever turns out to have annoyed you.

Simple Info:

His Birthdate is January 26th, 1996. Blood Type is O+. Sign is Aquarius. Favorite Color is "Probably Purple". Almost anyone can tell you he is fabulous.


nornloverian (past, first used in Creature Caves account)

drabbitloverian (past)

Ianflow, Ianflow624, Ianflow124, Ianflowforever (Other Sites)

LoverIan (Current, and rarely used in other communities)

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