The Life Kits are large, (usually) official addons for the Creatures series of games, consisting of new COBs and breeds. Unlike the Object Packs, you had to pay for them. They are all now freely available for download (see External links).

Life Kit #1 for Creatures 1


Creatures Life Kit #1

This was an addon pack originally sold by Cyberlife and included in Creatures Deluxe. It includes two new norn variants - the Ron Norns and the Forest Norns, as well as the previously available Purple Mountain Norns. It also includes new COBs:

Life Kit #1 for Creatures 2


Creatures 2 Life Kit #1

This is a similar addon pack to the one made for the original Creatures, and as you might expect it was included in Creatures 2 Deluxe. It contains:

Life Kit #2 for Creatures 2

This consists of two separate packs - the Creativity Pack and the Diversity Pack.

Creativity Pack contents

Diversity Pack contents

Life Kit #3 for Creatures 2

An unofficial "Life Kit" is in progress - Toby Johansson is the co-ordinator of this project. Will include the Wish Norns. The project website is Albian Universe.

External links

Note: You may need to copy the download link to a new window and manually change it from to .com to make the downloads work.

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