In C1's Albia, lemons are small yellow fruits found happily growing on their vine-covered trellis (and occasionally, airborne). When eaten, lemons have the following effects:

Although lemons are viewed by some to be just as much a staple food as carrots, there are no lemons in C2's Albia or in the C3 Shee Ark.

In Docking Station, the tiny lemon tree is contained in the Lemon Pod in the upper level of the Norn Meso. When the pod is pushed, by a Creature or the Hand, lemons are harvested and dispensed for your Creatures to eat. The lemons have medicinal properties and are a recommended food for sick Creatures. However, the healthy DS lemons can be dangerous to Toxic Norns, and should be avoided.

There are many COBs and agents that create or use lemons:

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