After months of delay, our site is up devoted both to Creatures, and Creatures2. You will find in each section (norns, eggs, cobs...), a section for C1, and another for C2 (including at Norn Doctor). (Condensed from the original French.)


Summary of Content

  • What is Creatures?! - Qu'est ce que Creatures ?!
  • COBs - Les objets
  • Norns - Les Norns
  • Eggs - Les Oeufs
  • Grendels - Les Grendels
  • Hybrids - Les Hybrides
  • Links - Les liens
  • Anti-crash Page - La page de dépannage
  • "CyberWorld" - Le "CyberWorld"
  • Questionnaire - Le Formulaire
  • Announcements - Les Petites annonces des visiteurs
  • YLO's Chatroom - Le Forum d'YLO
  • Norn Doctor (The Norn's Clinic)

History of Website

Editnorn This stub could use more information.

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