See note under Interesting Facts.

  • Webmaster: JayD
  • Ran from/to dates: March 1999 - 22 June 1999 (last update of C2 site) and 11 November 1999 - 31 January 2000 (last update of second site)

Summary of Content

  • Main - Home page
  • C2
    • COBs:
      • Food: Bananas, Beer Vendor v3.0, Food Vendor v3.0 (22 food items), Popping Mushroom Patch v2.0, Tasty Mushroom Patch v2.0
      • Toys: Nothing yet...
      • Tools: Lap Top Computer v2.0, Neptune's Womb v3.0 (underwater incubator), Neptune's Undertow v2.0 (with xOtix) (underwater teleportation), Steamer Pack v1.1 (2 COBs in 1: a new soft shelled crab critter, Steamer Pot), Teleport Pack v2.0,
      • Critters: Cartman v4.0, Cartman Sounds, Chef v2.0, Hello Kitty v2.0, Ike v2.0, Kenny v2.0, Pikachu v2.0, Tiger Barb Fish v2.1 (with Wafuru), Tweety Bird v2.0, Tweety Sounds, Underground Sweepers v2.0, Zummy Fish v2.1
      • Plants & Nature: Flower Pack v2.0, Flood Volcano v2.0,
      • World Changes: Albia Amazonia (all female world), Albian Updates v1.1 ("Eat/Sleep Better"), Commands, Eat Meat, Ocean Bridges v1.1, Plato Project v3.0, Volcano Garden (with Christian Herwitz)
      • Others: Potato (Makes the potatos look like real potatos), Frog Norn (Makes the frog norn look and stand like normal norns), Sperm Pack v1.2 (3 COBs: One to artificially inseminate your Nova Subterra Norns, one to artificially inseminate your Canny norns, the third forces a pregnant female to lay the egg)
    • Genetics
    • Help
  • C3
    • Agents:
      • Food: Nothing yet...
      • Toys: Bearloon, Cuddles the Teddy Bear
      • Tools: Super Food Vendor (20 foods), Egg Maker, Plant Killer, DDNA Bank
      • Critters: Fairy Godmother
      • Plants & Nature: Grape Vines (sprites by NORNGod, C2 version and original concept by Helen)
      • World Changes: Pick-ups.cos, Knowledge Stones.cos, JayD’s Macros3, Carrot.cos (made carrots spawn in the desert as well as else where), Ettin seed bank.cos (Changes where the seeds and animals drop from the middle level to the dessert where they belong), EggsInPool.cos
      • Others: EdenProject, Replicator.cos, Medicine Maker.cos, The Reaper, Creator.cos, Pick Up Pick-ups.cos
    • Genetics
    • Help
  • Links
  • Awards

Interesting Facts

JayD had to leave the community for a long time, and lost his passwords to this site. In this newsgroup thread he gives permission for others to take stuff from it for hosting. Melissa had done so at Creatures Resource, but her site is no longer available. Sparkleblue's Creatures @ SeeYou7.Net is currently hosting JayD's "Creatures Workshop." Danke Sparkleblue!

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