Jagent is a Java suite for creating, compiling, parsing, and otherwise manipulating all sorts of Creatures files related to agents. Jagent was created by its founder (and sadly, sole developer) RProgrammer. Since Jagent is written in Java, all the major operating systems are supported (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, ...). Please note, that in order to use Jagent, one needs Java 6.0.

Jagent is hosted on SourceForge here.

Supported file types


Monk, as it starts up. The buttons up the top change between "PRAY Chunk" to compile and "PRAY Source" to decompile.

Jagent wholly supports these Creatures file types:

These file types might be-, but aren't- supported:

These file types wouldn't be supported by Jagent, because they are standard types:

Project Status

  • Edos (graphics) - 2.0 (Beta)
  • Monk (pray) - 2.0 (Beta)


If you have any questions or comments please contact RProgrammer at


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