JECT is a CAOS command which allows one to inject a .cos file. Does not work in C3 standalone.


Syntax: JECT file (string) flags (int)

Injects file from any bootstrap directory. The case of file doesn't matter. file must include the extension.

flags is a sum of the following:

Things are done in that order, so JECT ... 7 removes all present scripts, then installs them, then installs the agent. This effectively allows the agent to be refreshed from disk.

Output from remove and install scripts is sent to the current output stream, along with any errors.


If you have managed to get autokilled, say, the CAOS command line, the following will get it back (in Docking Station):

JECT "ds caos command line.cos" 7

* The above is identical to the following in its effect.
JECT "ds caos command line.cos" 1
JECT "ds caos command line.cos" 2
JECT "ds caos command line.cos" 4

On the other hand, if you hate stingers and want them all to go away, you could try this. (You can get it back by emulating the above example.)

JECT "stinger pod.cos" 1

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