"I'm A Creature, Get Me Out Of Here!" or IACGMOOH is a Creatures contest based on the popular reality TV show "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!". It is run in a forum, and norns (named after their players) must compete in the host's world to see who survives the longest.

The original C3/DS version was run by tom2, and the C1 version was run by Nish. The C12DS game, referred to as C12DSIACGMOOH!, was begun by Nish but continued by ettinshoard. There is a voting out mechanism but it hasn't been fully worked out yet. A C2 version is planned by Nish, however it is being put off due to lack of entries. Another C3/DS version has recently been started by Evilspirit with a rather odd way of entering.

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