Hot Tea is a drink made by Jan Martin. It is very similar to Lee Gaiteri's Chicken soup (and the Cold Tea), but it has slightly different properties. (No chicken, no tannins or caffiene, completely vegetarian). Thanks Lee.

Hot Tea is always comforting, but is especially good for sick Norns.

The Hot Tea has the following effects on sick Norns each time it is sipped:

Hot Tea has the following effects on healthy Norns each time it is sipped:

  • Hunger: -20
  • Pain: -50
  • Coldness: -50
  • Starch: +20

To make sick Norns want to drink it, Hot Tea periodically stimulates any creatures that are touching it. On touch, Hot Tea has the following effects:

  • Pain: -10
  • Hotness: -5
  • Coldness: -5
  • Hunger: +5 (direct; does not use hunger++ chemical).

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 7 80

and clashes with Malkin's Purple Mountain Hootch.

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