The Hologram Projector COB was created by Steve Dismukes of Fig's Tree. This COB injects a Hologram Projector into the dome under the Desert Island. The Hologram Projector has two settings - Comforter and Guard. Comforter mode is engaged by pressing the green button on the left of the Projector's control box. This will create a lifelike hologram of a friendly Norn, which will sooth anxious norns.

Norns near the Projector while it is in Comforter mode will receive:

The second mode is Guard mode, intended to frighten norns away from certain areas. Guard mode is engaged by pressing the red button on the right of the control box.

Norns near the Projector while it is in Guard mode will suffer:

The Hologram Projector COB uses C1 class numbers:

  • 3 4 161

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