The image itself

Globster refers to the subject of a photograph infamous among denizens of the Kingdom of Aithalis forums. Enlarged versions of the image cropped around the pictured monster's face were used to disturb and terrorize members of the Dragonadopters forums by Leporidae and Wup. Said subject is a rubber hand puppet resembling a lobster, identified as "Slobster" from the "Boglins" toy line. In a xat conversation after the 'raid', Globster aquired the nickname doggy.

It is now the butt of nearly every halfway-decent joke among former Kingdom of Aithalis members.

In addition, infrequent 'raids' on Furcadia are conducted by Gryph, Leporidae, Mashermat, and Wup mirroring the original Dragonadopters session, aiming to annoy and/or deeply disturb as many fellow players as possible. Since images must be linked to and cannot be posted for viewing directly outside of player-created areas, a fictional cult around Globster, complete with nonexistant yet frequently-cited scripture, was constructed to capture the attention of other users through text. Ideals and goals of practicioners have been established only through snowballing inside jokes originating from previous 'raids' and as such have no real meaning, an example being the phrase "We require a chicken soup."

In conclusion, we are retarded.

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