Flaris Female
Editnorn This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.
The Flaris Norns were a breed Metacore was working on at one point, modelled by Kim. Although Metacore went defunct, Metacorian Liam intended to finish the breed.


Flaris Male

Kim's Flaris Male model

Kim was busy at work and thus unable to complete the final expressions. Embri began to remodel the Flaris Norns in mid-2008 as a tribute to Kim's work on them. For the CCSF 2008, Embri produced a wallpaper of a young Flaris Norn with an Albian Carrot Beetle. Just as the Flaris Norns were nearing completion, Embri discovered a bug in the Kutoka Mac port of Creatures Exodus that caused them to crash the game whenever they used elevators, rendering them unreleasable.

Sadly, Embri shelved the Flaris Norns in early 2009 and retired from the Creatures Community as of 2010.

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